Do I have what I need?

Adult life is complicated  

We juggle a ton of responsibilities -- work, health, home, relationships, finance, community, beauty, fashion, events, travel, entertainment, personal growth, & more.  The list is endless, and the sub-categories are constantly changing.  


Product FOMO is real

We crave efficiency.  We want the right tools to make our days run smoothly, and, as a result, we live in a world of product & content FOMO.  Should I buy the weighted blanket?  Watch the new show?  How bad is plastic, really?  Barre vs yoga?  Belize or Costa Rica?  Natural deodorant that actually works? 


No more reviews, please!

To solve for these, we turn to the internet, which is neither safe nor efficient.  We lose countless hours in online research, combing through suspicious reviews and relentless marketing campaigns in order to make informed decisions.  This work of life keeps us from doing the things we love.


There is a better way 

The best shortcut, and what we really want to know is…what are my friends (in real life) doing?  Have they already found solutions I can borrow?  Why are we duplicating all of this work?!?


Download in the App Store soon!

Flaire makes it possible.  We're creating a trusted, organized environment where friends can ask each other the real questions of everyday life -- and gain free time in the process.  Available in in the App Store in November!


"When we are who we are called to be, we will set the world ablaze."

Saint Catherine of Siena



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