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Adulting with friends

Life hacks and recs from your trusted people, organized, all in one place!

We created Flaire to be the social media adults actually want.  Not glamorous photos of smiling families and stilettos on urban streets, but a window into how your friends are truly doing everyday life...from the sippy cups they’re using to the podcasts they’re listening to, the eye cream they’re buying, how much they’re tipping instacart, what they’re cooking after a long day at work, how they start interesting conversations at cocktail parties, where they go for alterations, etc. etc. etc.


Because overload is real, and life is better when we solve for it together. 

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Meet Flaire

Your friends. Your questions. Your time. 

Flaire makes it possible to bring your friends together in a digital cocktail party of sorts, where you can share the styles, content, products, and life hacks that help each other thrive. Giving you easy access to answers you trust, organized neatly (finally!), so you can learn from your tribe -- and actually find it again later. 

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